“One can’t think of modern agriculture without referring to the application and constant implementation of new techniques, methods, systems, and materials that facilitate, and improve production while also making it more profitable".

The modernization of agricultural production, and the increase in productivity and competitiveness of this sector requires the implementation of new technologies, harvest restructuring, tecnificacion, technical assistance and training, and above all, the highest amount possible of value added to agricultural products.


  • Increased crop and cattle production
  • Protection against plagues, harmful agents, and adverse climate conditions
  • Cost and labor reductions
  • Ease of treatment and recollection.

  • The use of mesh in agriculture can modify each plant and animal’s environment to better their reproductive and developmental capabilities and their performance. The differences in quality between plastic protected and open air crops are enormous. The superior uniformity in size and ripeness, and the decrease in imperfections and insect damage, make plastic-protected crops the best and only option for the progressive farmers in their never ending search to better their land and cattle’s productivity and profitability, and to increase the quality of their final product thereby increasing the price they can command.


    Climate conditions that are aided by the use of plastic mesh and greenhouses, allow the cultivation of a practically unlimited variety of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and other economically profitable crops. It also increases the productivity of any type of cattle.

    Special Products for Agricultural Businesses:

  • Hail-proof Mesh
  • Shade Mesh
  • Bird-proof Mesh
  • Fish Hatchery Mesh
  • Windshield Mesh
  • Nursery Mesh
  • Fence Mesh

  • Collection Mesh

  • Graound Cover
  • Thermal Screen
  • Frost-proof Mesh
  • Flower Protective Mesh
  • Packing Mesh
  • Anti-insect Mesh
  • And much more...


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