• Protects crops against insects (aphid, trip, white fly, fleas, among others).

  • Reduces the required application of insecticides and chemicals, herbicides, and pesticides resulting in healthier crops.

  • PROTECTION AGAINST PLANT LICE, which attack all vegetables, weaken the plant, stunt plant growth, cause leaves and eventually the whole plant to wither, reduce photosynthesis, cause sprouts and fruits to fall, transmit toxic substances, and can transmit up to 117 types of fitopathogenic viruses. They typically attack in temperate climates.

  • Plant lice ( have a size of between 1.6 and 3mm ).
  • PROTECTION AGAINST WHITE FLY, which attacks leafs making photosynthesis and respiration difficult, removes sap from the plant and delays growth, attracts other plagues, provokes reduced fruit size, inhibits flower development, generates fungi that affect the crop, injects plants with toxins, discolors fruits and leaves, cause dehydration. The insect develops and reproduces faster in high temperature climates. White Fly (the insect’s size is between .82 and 1.5mm).

    White Fly (the insect’s size is between .82 and 1.5mm).

  • PROTECTION AGAINST TRIPS, which is a plague that feeds from any plant, mainly in greenhouses, but also attacks open fields, and is the plague that causes most damage, affecting the leaf’s surface cells by sucking the plants fluids thereby delaying the plant’s maturity and causing leafs to roll upward.

    Trips (the insect has a size of 1 to 2 mm).
  • Insects, both predatory and parasitic, such as caterpillars, leaf miners, flies, etc.
    Predatory species (some examples)

    Parasitic species (some examples)

    For horticultural and ornamental greenhouses and sealing of nurseries guaranteed better quality.


  • Greenhouse bands, single and double (more common).
  • Complete mesh houses.
  • Greenhouse cover protection.
  • Double door.

  • Colors:
  • Crystal.
  • Made to order in any color.

  • 25 x 25 / 10 x 10
    40 x 25 / 16 x 10
    40 x 40 / 16 x 16


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